Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Madhubani Tarot Cards

In this blog post I am going to quickly introduce Tarot cards for anyone who doesn't know what that is. Also I am going to share my Madhubani inspired tarot cards and explain how to make them and use them yourself.

Madhubani Tarot Cards

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Auspicious Paintings for Someone

When I make a new Madhubani painting, I usually make it for someone. If there is no one to make a Madhubani painting for, I'll find some excuse and make it anyway.

So this time I made two Madhubani paintings for our maid Vimla. She has finished constructing an additional floor to her house and I thought some paintings would make nice gifts.

Some people wonder: "Paintings for a maid!!!" (instead you should give them to me).  Vimla has been working for us for over 8 years. She would differ from some other maids with her maturity and smartness. She doesn't know how to read very well, but she knows all about the housework, home remedies and has a love for art. She would always come to me when I paint and sigh: "Oh, so beautiful!". She likes the traditional, colorful, "overcrowded" Madhubani paintings. So here they are:


"Vimla's Village in Pithora Garh"