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Popular Madhubani Designs


One of the most important Madhubani features is - double outlines. Double outlines create an authentic Indian pattern that is used in printing (bed-sheets, clothes' designs), sculpture, metallurgy and mehendi (or henna) designs.

Leave design samples

The outline is usually left uncolored, in order to create a visual depth and harmony. Sometimes outlines can be filled with vertical lines or have more outlines for a grander impression.
You can experiment with the outlines to see how a single flower, a leave or a bird gets transformed into the authentic Indian ornament.

Flower design samples

A Madhubani painting will be complete with a border. Borders can be narrow - for small paintings and wide - for big paintings. In most border designs a double outline is drawn from the sides and the middle is filled with repeating patterns.
Every country has its own folk patterns and in order to learn Indian (in this case - Bihari) patterns, one should search and look at as many Bihari paintings as possible.

Madhubani border design samples


Drawing humans can seem hard if you're doing it the normal way. In Madhubani you can become a child, a tribal, a village woman who draw in order to tell a story, to depict a character and it doesn't really matter the beauty of a face or the correctness of the shadows or perspective or proportions. Madhubani humans can be drawn from side just like Egyptian pharaohs and gods and they can also be drawn from the front.
In Madhubani world, animals, trees and cosmic bodies may have human eyes, hands or nose. It is the choice of color and creative line work that will make your painting a masterpiece.

Madhubani humans


Sometimes we don't need to invent anything as there is everything for us in the environment: nature, people, village, animals and daily life scenes. Nature is full of patterns, colors, lines and shapes and we need to only observe it in order to receive new design ideas.

Plants in U.P.,India

People of the Madhubani village depict the epic scenes, retell the religious events and draw the pictures that illustrate the daily life events.
There are many people who live in cities and love Madhubani. There is no reason why the city life could not be depicted in Madhubani way.

Trees and flowers in U.P., India


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