Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Meditate When Drawing


I will admit that my new drawing looks hardly like Madhubani. It is very nontraditional but I'm posting it on my blog because it still maintains many Madhubani features such as double outline and heavy border. This drawing is divided into two parts. It is black and white and the theme is another realm.  As Madhubani art mainly focuses on Hindu scripture Ramayana and depicts gods and deities, I chose to depict deities in this painting too. The deities on the left side are fictional and the deities on the right side might be recognizable by most. This painting strongly reflects my belief system where I am very open to all religions and all traditions. I like the idea of saints from different religions meeting up in one drawing, communicating, interacting, sitting beside each other etc.

"Meditation" - Madhubani inspired painting