Friday, February 8, 2013

"Radha-Krishna" Madhubani Painting Step-by-Step

One of the most popular themes in Madhubani painting is that of Radha-Krishna. Krishna is the best known for his blue complexion. Blue skin in Indian art means dark complexion in the real life however, for some reason, blue is preferred.

Radha is always depicted as Krishna's lover, second-half, best friend or the chosen one out of gopis. Gopis were either "real" or mythical beings that were especially devoted to Krishna and used to play with him. Krishna's favorite gopi was Radha.

In this painting I tried to depict Radha and Krishna during one of those "plays", sitting on a high tree in a jungle, surrounded by flowers and plants. Krishna plays his bansuri (flute) and Radha holds a flower. As they are the higher beings, Krishna and Radha are "connected" with the cosmos with the colorful pipes. They would be normally invisible but here they symbolize their divine origin and task.

We will make this picture:

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