Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Using Madhubani Style to Illustrate Stories

Japanese story "Rashomon" illustrated in Madhubani style:

(Excerpts are from the story "Rashomon" from the book "Breaking Into Japanese Literature" by Giles Murray).

"One day, in the evening, a servant was waiting beneath the Rashomon gate for the rain to stop. 
There was no one but this one man beneath the broad gate."

COPYRIGHT NOTE: you can copy and use it but not sell!

    "The servant, after lowering his faded blue kimono - clad bottom onto the seventh and top step of the stone staircase, blankly watched the rain fall while picking at a large pimple on his right cheek."                               

"Climbing a further two or three rungs up the ladder, however, he saw that someone not only had a light, but that they were moving it to and fro. <...> Looking in, he saw - as the rumors had said - several corpses strewn carelessly about. <...> As the strands of hair were plucked out one by one, so the fear in the servant's     
heart slowly began to melt away."


 "The servant hastily tore off the old woman's kimono. As the old woman tried to grab hold of his legs, he kicked her brutally back onto the corpses."




Anonymous said...

Please post more of your step-by-step tutorials. I have seen other works online, but yours are way cooler

CrazyLassi said...

OK, I'll keep posting! Thanks for your comment!

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