Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Color Paper with Teabags

Madhubani artists usually treat their handmade paper with the cow dung. I have never tried doing that myself, although I can get fresh cow dung very easily. Apparently they would simply mix it with water and then apply onto the paper with a broad brush. All the unnecessary pieces of grass would automatically fall off when the paper is dry. This process would give the piece of paper a nice brownish earthly look or even remind you of a cow dung treated village hut.

Comparing original Madhubani card treated with cow dung with the teabag treated paper and untreated paper (white)

I would try cow dung if I was in a village but I just don't feel like picking some from the street, taking it home and adding the mixture on the paper. I am not sure if I could draw on that paper for days when it smells...of a cow dung. However we can achieve the same results with some aromatic "Taj Mahal" teabags.

I use "Taj Mahal" teabags


1. Boil a pan of water (1 l)
2. Add 6-8 teabags.
3. Let it cool.
4. Take out 1 teabag and brush it carefully over the handmade paper sheet.
5. Do not worry if it gets wet or wrinkly.
6. The teabag might break, take a new one.
7. After coloring the sheet with the teabags, you will notice the change in color.
8. Don't worry about the tea leaves that remain on the sheet of paper, they will fall off on their own when the paper is dry.
9. Let it dry.
10. Keep it covered with heavy books so that it straightens up.
11. DONE!

Same paper treated and untreated with teabags


Anonymous said...

I have tried treating the acrylic paper with the teabag. It really gives a painting a different dimension. Thanks for the tip

CrazyLassi said...

Glad to hear the post was useful!

natasha said...

I guess u can use brush to paint the paper . Just dip it in cool tea bag strained water and brush it over paper. Effect will be same and less messy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi its goid to see how easy to u explain the method.i just want to know can i use yellow handmade paper without using teabag treatmant and can i use any type of paper without using teabag treatment

Unknown said...

Nice n too good...

Unknown said...

awesome idea mam

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