Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Madhubani Craft Kit on "Toy Kraft"

The other day I was browsing looking for some books on Madhubani. Unfortunatelly I didn't find any books, except for "Toy Kraft" Madhubani kit. "Toy Kraft" is a brand that has about six craft kits related to Madhubani:

Madhubani Glass Painting
Madhubani Art Puzzles
Papier Mache With Madhubani
Sandsational Madhubani
Simple & Symbolic Sand Art Madhubani

You can buy all of them at these Indian websites:  or for the price ranging between m 200 rs to 600 rs.

Cover of the box

The backside description 
The Madhubani kit that I bought was "Sandsational Madhubani". It had five Madhubani tracing patterns, a booklet on Madhubani painting, instructions, "Fevicol" glue, a plastic brush, a black sketch pen (black fell-tip pen), a sieve and many packets of colored sand.

Contents of Madhubani Sandsational art kit
"Sandsational Kit" is all about sand and in this kit Madhubani is made by applying "Fevicol" on top of the wanted part of the tracing pattern (yellow card board sheets) and then pouring the colored sand. For example, after applying brown color on the tree, we then apply glue on its leaves and pour the green color on top of it.

The one my daughter made: cow and mango tree

As a Madhubani fanatic, I hoped to make my daughter interested in Madhubani through art and craft. My daughter loved it at first but after applying three colors she got bored and I ended up finishing the Madhubani. We didn't use the black sketch pen to make the outlines, as I thought it won't work that nice on the sand. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised for my five year old daughter getting tired of making a Madhubani sand work, because the kit is meant for children eight years and above and for adults.

Peacock trace pattern

Fish and crane

I am not really that fond of sand but this kit had really nice tracing patterns and a booklet on Madhubani - two things that I liked the most about it. The images that one can find in the booklet, however are the same ones you can see on the Internet.


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