Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Meeting a Beauty" Story Illustration Step-by-Step

This is the second illustration for a scene from  E.K.Antariva's novel "Two Lives". The action takes place in Central Asia, in one of the "-stan" countries during the 19 century when tsar was in rule in Russia. The theme depicted is not India related, however it's not far from India either. It might be the old Afghanistan or Uzbekistan.


In this scene the main character 17 year old Lyovushka and his brother captain T. witness three carriages pulling over. From the two carriages come out women dressed up in burqas and from the third carriage comes out Nal - the famous beauty. She doesn't wear a burqa, rather a Western dress and her hair reaches the ground. Lyovushka has seen many women on stage and live but he never saw anyone like her.

Lyovushka and his brother hide behind a thick mango tree so that neither Nal nor anyone from the other side of the street could see them. Suddenly, however, they will turn around to see Nal's uncle Mahomed Ali (might be spelled wrongly) looking at them.

Materials used:
White paper for water colors, size 14x20.5 inch (37x54cm)
Acrylic paint.
Permanent marker.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: you can copy and use it but not sell!


1. Draw the border.


2. Draw the main/central object. In this drawing the tree kind of separates the scenes.


3. Make the secondary main objects - people.


4.  Fill in the details.


5. Start coloring. First color - black.


6. Second color - yellow.


7. Third color - orange.


8. Fourth and fifth colors - red and blue.


9. The sixth color - olive green.


10. Repeating the color circuit or adding new colors for small details.


11. Final colors added. The end.



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