Thursday, April 4, 2013

Laxmi-Ganesha-Shiva-Parvati Tracing Patterns

A few days ago I went to our neighbor's house and took their all Madhubani paintings home. I wanted to copy them and in this way to understand the technique and the style of the painter. These all paintings were bought several years ago at the Delhi Hath. Sadly I don't know the name of the artist but the paintings are completely adorable.


Laxmi is a goddess of wealth, beauty and prosperity. It is pictured dressed in red and having a golden complexion. She has long wavy hair and has a kind loving expression. In her four hands she holds a lotus flower, a shell, a bilva fruit an a pot of nectar.


Half Shiva and Parvati image also called Ardhanarishvara. Shiva is a destroyer of the Universe and Parvati - the one that redirects, calms him down, seduces. We can tell Shiva from the Ganges river running water symbolism in the upper left and the yogi hairstyle.


Ganesha is known as the elephant god and is he Lord of Beginnings, arts, wisdom and science. In this painting Ganesha holds a goad in his right hand and a lotus flower in his left hand. He rides a rat as his vehicle.

Black and white version of paintings is done by me. Handmade paper and black ink were used. The colorful painting is done bu a Madhubani artist whose name I don't know. You can use these as your tracing patterns. If you could offer better descriptions of gods, please write a comment or e-mail me! Thanks!


sudha said...

Thanks for sharing your work and designs !!

CrazyLassi said...

@Sudha, I am happy to do that!

Unknown said...

i really like the shiv-parvati work. i might like to make a similar one for my house too!

CrazyLassi said...

Glad to hear that! Shiv-Parvati as one always look original. I think it's a suitable painting for the house and not too difficult to make :)

exclusivelane said...

The idols and figurines can be inevitable piece to d├ęcor your home. Experience a spiritual atmosphere around your home with the aid of idols and figurines.

Anonymous said...

What do you use to outline for painting on fabrics like dupattas? Do you use brushes or are permanent markers okay?

Unknown said...

Wonderful article and nice blog...!

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