Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Fish" and "Lion" Paintings From Mela

From time to time we get to visit folk art fairs in Noida. These fairs happen all over India. It is possible to buy Madhubani, Rajasthani Phad, Orissa and other paintings and handicrafts. In this post I want to show you small sized Madhubani paintings (half A4 size) that I bought for hundred rupees each. The unfortunate part was - I didn't have much money with me so I was happy to at least get those.

1. In the first picture we can see Prakash - a young artist from Madhubani village, Bihar. He was still learning and many of the small sized paintings were made by him. In the background we can see the reproductions of the famous Baua Devi's "Yellow Snake" and "The Red Head" (of course their real names would be based on Hindu mythology). Prakash said that Baua Devi is his grandmother. I don't know if such a coincidence could happen but maybe Baua Devi had many sons, then, why not? The Snake and the Head paintings costed between 3000-4000 rs and as I only had 500, I picked up some postcard sized mini Madhubani paintings. (See below)

Madhubani artist Prakash and his shop at the art fair in Noida, UP, 2013

2. Painting No 1 - "Fish".

This painting is half A4 size and it's made on treated handmade paper with natural paint. I loved the predominant blue, red, green and some mustard yellow colors. It's unbelievable that with so little color and many lines we can achieve stunning results. I urge you to try this at home because it looks pretty easy as well!

3. Painting No 3 - "Lions".

The same composition as in the painting above but this time it's the lions! I love the terracotta orange color in this painting. I definitely love lions because lions are the symbols of strength. I love how minimalist and powerful this drawing looks like!

4. Painting No 4 - "Tattoo".

It's the postcard size tattoo - repeated designs of human figures. I chose the one that was uneven and a little dirty, in order to take a part of Madhubani village to my house. I use it as a file to some notes and I will upload the picture as soon as I find it. (Sorry for that)

I tried to take Prakash's video and make him talk about Madhubani but he told me he was too shy and that I should go to his elder brother who had a stall on the other side of the fair's isle. I still asked about the paper, pen and paints and he just kept telling me the things I already knew so we left for home.


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